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living room Feng Shui is yangzhai (housing) Jinan moving companies in the most important part of Feng Shui. A family transport in the whole House was connected to, and whether it is career advancement or bad, level of fortune, family fortunes, fate shades of husband and wife, children reading  , the fortunes of examinations, health status is normal, is probably determined by the living room Feng Shui. Naiyang House serves to show the living room Feng Shui Feng Shui's core, its importance beyond compare. So let us take a look at improving living room Feng Shui tips.

living room preferably on homes near the main entrance in the first part of the location for direct absorption from the gate into the gas. If you have to go through a corridor to get to the living room, the corridor must be kept clean and tidy, and lighting must be sufficient, so as not to hinder the gas into the living room. If it is a sandwich design, living room should be located in the lower.

preferably square or rectangular pattern in the living room, seating area is not rushed to the corner, sofa not pressure beam. If there is a prominent corner out of Dodge, can display bonsai or furniture solution. If the l-shaped living room, furniture that are available will be separated into two square area, as two separate rooms.

living room decoration is mainly look at the occupants ' life style and aesthetics may be. It is best to consult a professional Feng Shui master. Furniture in any Feng Shui mascot is based on the life of the eight was seeking and the personal orientation of the natal Hexagram.

layout good Feng Shui can bring their families just south of Fame and recognition, in particular responsible for the livelihood of their parents. South line fire, like to use color is red. If you have to set the mirror in this location, be sure to put a small mirror because the mirror of water, fire and water, bad for fame fortune

strengthening the azimuth in the Northwest of the living room, help increase the elegant movements and interpersonal relationships. The region of gold, so suitable for displaying white, gold or silver metal ornament, such as sculptures made of metal or metal base with round white lamp and a lamp.

money represents a family in the South-East of the living room. Five elements are wood, use color is green, so in this position the device is a wooden items can be wealth effects, and to rounded leaves of green plants work best. Never put dried flower, as yin was too heavy. Here is also very suitable for swing tank because the water wood, note that echo the living room tank size spaces tie-in, too big or too small are not fitting.

main entrance hall or bathroom, Jinan moving company will damage the family's wealth, making money in fiscal, or financial investment mistakes. Therefore, the best separated by screens or cabinets in the living room, to transport and auspicious fortune.