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1, garbage cans in the cupboard is not practical, Jinan moving companies than on the outside. There are must-do not install the door panels of the trash and garbage cans, opens the door in the summer will be very bad. Trash is on the outside.

2, MOP bucket in the performance requirements is not high, can build a completely out, covered with tiles or mosaic appearance to match and the surrounding environment, and money.

3, toilet point hook to hang things.

4, bathrooms can be designed a little closet clothes without worrying about shower pick up clean clothes.

5, washing machine with dry very impractical, except only flavomycin days a year. Thick clothes, towels or baking is not dry, so how good solar sterilising, and can save money.

6, a laundry in the laundry pool used for hand wash some things. Originally thought to use less, so bought a really cheap Terry faucet. Really didn't expect the laundry pool Jinan moving company is so convenient, has become one of my most frequently used the washing area. Rags, socks, towels, everything washed, even washing are also there