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when moving to a new home, Jinan moving company will pay attention to the arrangement of these four places, that is, living room, bedroom, kitchen, den, these considerations also need to know when we move, other furniture and moved into the Interior, General Feng Shui layout swing set, do not often change, remaining clothes and other supplies you can slowly after finishing. Today, Professor pan to introduce problems when moving it around.  

    living room can effect home in the male master of fortune, career and so on aspects, so living room of device, so living room in the if to placed sofa or seat of when, must to according to male master of horoscopes, information select home in the of JI bit placed only can, this on strengthening male master of career shipped, very has help, also has is, if male master home in the sat not and total wants to to outside also and this about.  

    This hope that we want to watch carefully, because it is moving around the most important considerations, most important in the bedroom is the bed position, such as when selecting Ji Ji placed beds, can not only enhance the affection between the couple, and the fortunes of the family were very helpful, impact home games. Ancient classics Shang some on Ann bed adverse of evil evil described, "If marriage parting bulk, rehabilitation deaf sons poor, men and women lone sleep varies double, three years within even was curse, decimated not Dang" such of described is not is terrible, actually placed sleep bed is we moved when most easy ignored of place, everyone just according to how convenient on how to placed, actually such is will serious effect you and family yihou of life, many when long married not Yu or often abortion is for Ann bed day suffered evil evil due to. If bed placed properly can not only a thriving business, family business thriving, happy marriage, Scripture "birth and marriage, children and grandchildren Princes from generation to generation" to describe the benefits of Kyrgyzstan after.  

    a few days ago for a consultation to see emotional marriage moving company in Jinan, after floor plan made by the other side, first determine is location of the kitchen stove in his home, so friends can see this article will understand why Professor POON asked, watching couples emotions good or bad, we peeked in the kitchen from home side false. Some family members in poor health, illness, put the stove in the the two black characters or five yellow evil on Earth, food to eat, how can that do not disease?