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Most home kitchens only about 6 square meters area, Jinan moving companies and now there are more and more families have chosen the open kitchen, small kitchen suitable for open market? Open kitchens are now more and more people of all ages, space closed kitchen and family room combination, can make the home a more spacious, more modern fashions. According to incomplete statistics, open kitchen in today's decorating is about 30% per cent and there is an increasing trend. From the opening this year of many small apartment decoration real estate Open House can also be seen, most of them with open kitchen design, living room and dining room features more obvious. Just think, if housewives family Cook while chatting, even dull kitchen work, instantly becomes easy to warm up. However, only about 6 square meters for most of the country kitchen, even for the small apartment kitchen in this open kitchen really do fit for us to live, in the what can you do to really "relaxed and warm"?

due to differences in lifestyle, food most of the time only using methods such as braised, roasted, and Chinese cooking smoke a lot, combined kitchen area is generally designed open kitchen will be limited. Especially for those in the small apartment kitchen, even more so, otherwise even bigger effort, investing more money, may not be able to have a stylish and comfortable living space.

Select easy clean materials. Dining room and living room walls, floors and select easy to clean materials like kitchen, best selection of floor tiles, laminate flooring and other materials on the ground, avoid laying wood floors, wood floor susceptible to heat deformation, cracks easily stained with oil.

furniture must be concise. Kitchen, dining room and living room furniture is custom-made or purchased, model be sure to choose a simple, do not select carved lot of Chinese furniture, rattan, wicker furniture and Fabric sofas and chairs. This is to prevent contaminated oil, easy to clean. Open kitchen countertop should not put too much cooking, to guarantee their appearance. Therefore, the owner can best make storage cabinets as bigger, these "unsightly" are installed in the Cabinet. Jinan moving company, living room, dining room furniture and kitchen furniture to be coordinated to ensure an open kitchen into the whole home environment.