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in Chinese Feng Shui, Jinan moving company on the circumstances surrounding the situation, common terminology-four beasts, but not four beasts representing four beasts, but to call homes around four animal situation; homes said the left side of the Green Dragon, white tiger on the right, behind the black tiger, front rosefinch, known as the four beasts. Living how to Feng Shui '' Zuo Qinglong, right White Tiger, rosefinch before, after the East '' for the best estates farm!

many migrant start-up period, economic distress can only spend the basement. However, if you live in the basement for a long time, the time changes more than one animal, such as from the horse to the rooster. Then, over the more poor Feng Shui houses have a role for you. Besides economic outlays, you probably love emotion is also suffering from the effects.

recommend living in basements of friends hurriedly withdrawn early to see the Sun, good fortune will come back to you.

some houses on the right was a very high floor, or high high-voltage towers, chimneys and even overpass (for one or two-storey), and correspondingly low buildings on the left. So, staying in the House, you will really feel the power of Feng Shui. You may be poor health, maybe your luck with money up, maybe your career is not smooth and even lawsuits. All in all, a big reason you become poor Feng Shui houses.

I do not know why, developers are often designed pattern of bathroom and kitchen door to door. The '' water '' straight '' go '' patterns, predicted that '' wine and meat wear gut '' and wealth not to stay, clearly was over the poor houses in Feng Shui. Suggest such residence owners get to the kitchen or the bathroom door, but can be changed, then at least on the door in the kitchen safe bottle or knot, hang curtains in the bathroom door or placing copper horse.

if their doors opened and you can see the window. Oops, missed the fiscal pattern was born. Many of the top floor of the permeability of the so-called North-South are the pattern. You go and ask them, since you moved into this House, health, career, wealth, marriage, as always, well, probably ten, said: never mind. Inside the door of the best way to do the entrance, residence of this poor Feng Shui changes.

many residential doors are 22 Jinan moving company, or is this door with a door to the. So, over the more poor Feng Shui houses are likely to arise. If, portal that home of gas field, and Zodiac, and five, just and you this of gas field, and Zodiac, and five phase grams, so, bad of certainly is you's; if portal to full using door outside of places, in door outside placed shoes frame, and chores, so, more has may so on you housing House formed wicked, you can go good luck only blame does. If the other party understands this, '' inadvertently '' hang a BA GUA mirror on the door, straight to your home, then consequences did not need to say it.