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restaurant the best single or a pattern, Jinan better moving company if the kitchen is the dining room, it's easier, the shortest distance.

1. see the table entering the gate inauspicious.

2. poor dining room and kitchen share a room. Dining room and kitchen in one, is very bad. Because the accumulation of oil when cooking smoke affects health eating.

3. table. Table is for family members to eat in, so it's good and bad effect of Mong Kok on Zhai Feng Shui is very big. Table color with a choice of vibrant colors in order to stimulate the appetite. But it is not pure black and pure white. Dining table shapes varied, most of the traditional Chinese table dominated by round, a symbol of family reunion. In Feng Shui terms, triangle and acute angle table are unsuitable, because sharp corners with destructive, harmful to health. Beam top is also taboo on the table, like a razor on his head, cause a kind of invisible pressure on people's psychology, I've seen can lead to restless home, Jinan moving companies small damage.