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Toilet and bathroom are people to wash away the dust of Jinan moving companies, elimination of fatigue, but also relieve stress places, people attach great importance to the comfort and safety, in addition to the selection of high quality equipment outside, ceiling, and floor tiles, doors and other parts, need to notice.

tiling: Tile laying to retain the 1% discharging slope, slope towards the falling water. Floor tile seams to weight, to align with the wall brick, yet a little paste porcelain smooth, if exports to supply pipeline, masonry tile, cut to water, water supply and flange cover to cover on the bronze incision, so as not to breach to ensure no water.

toilet installation: install toilet with traditional cement to fix, make toilet no more disassembly, when it encounters a serious obstruction, only broken. Good approach is to present it on foot for the first mounting flange, then install the expansion screw, then the clay around the toilet drain, toilet baseboard mounting holes at the expansion screw balance rotating screw lock, is used after sealant plugs toilet and floor space.

ceilings and doors: to choose a waterproof rust-proof fireproof anti-corrosion materials for a good moving company in Jinan, door installation do not use wooden doors to prevent future moisture deformation, try to use waterproof door properly, such as plastic and aluminum products.