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moving house is a complicated thing, if more should find professional moving company in Jinan is responsible for handling, should learn how to protect yourself when moving all kinds of household items encapsulation method, try to avoid moving the way toll.

1.  valuable cash, expensive jewelry, books must be carried.

2.  relocation should pay attention to security personnel and goods and luggage into the room, should stay under guard, left the room should lock their doors.

3. plug the day before moving the refrigerator, defrost remove water, moving to a new home, place half an hour before power on.

4. quilt binding to protect on the screen of the TV screen, then tie tape the TV fixed.

5. computer, floppy disk, or all documents in a compressed file, computer special boxes and protection materials installed, note that generates a magnetic field away from the television, stereo and other electrical; if not, to use the foam blocks are packed and placed in cartons (such as polystyrene foam plastic, blankets, corrugated paper, etc), indicate on the outside computer.

6. lighting, boxed and put some newspaper around the lamps in their fixed; no closed-box, enable the bearer to see.

7. items such as audio with a towel wrapped boxes fixed with adhesive tape magazine, host.

8. tables, made from thick paper four corner fixed with adhesive tape, then wrapped with cords of the tabletop to prevent damage.

10. the Cabinet, first remove the drawer, and then fixed with tape all drawers good; remove items before putting it in the carton handling.

11. dresser with mirror-transparent foam cloth wrap, cosmetic paper bag put inside a plastic bag, respectively.

12. books, cross-tied up, turning the place with thick cardboard to protect.

13. class, wrapped in newspapers from large to small overlap. Through the pot into a cross with a rope.

14. the cutter blade bread with thick cardboard, and then fixed with tape.

15, tableware, first paper overlap wrapped tray level inside the carton, forks spoons 4-5 tied together well.

16. the bottled kind first put inside a plastic bag, with newspapers rolled into cardboard boxes, cartons interval cross-strap, in crossing places on the knot.

17. vases wrapped with a towel, then put it in the carton, oversized porcelain can be wrapped with a large towel, and at the top cartons marked "fragile items, handle with care" and so forth.

18 clothing, underwear bottom, dress, folded into boxes overlap, easy wet clothes, fur coats and other clothing can be placed on the tea box from moisture.

19. the dangerous goods whether it is your own transportation or Jinan yellow ants moving company, some items are embargoed, must deal with separate handling, dangerous goods include flammable, corrosive and explosive materials, such as paint, paint thinner, Nail Polish, nail polish remover, gasoline, motor oil, cleaning solvents, bleach, pest control agents.