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Charge standard

first, the starting price: ¥ 400

b, floor: each layer of increase of 10, from 1 billing, lift each add 30

three, extra fee
: over 10 miles, plus 10 yuan per km

four, single and overweight fee: single items of more than 250 (inclusive) kilograms, plus 150

v, labour costs: when customers do not use the vehicle only when workers, 60/per hour

six, and disassembly fee: Cabinet 20 Yuan a a, desk: 40 Yuan a Zhang, conference table: 60 Yuan a Zhang, safe: 100 Yuan a a, partition: 30 yuan a seat, split water heater each Taiwan 100 Yuan, General art cloth sofa, wood business sofa regardless of fee, leather, and wood business carved, mahogany sofa, and each seat 50-100 Yuan, glass Cabinet child meter 10 Yuan-20 Yuan, pure glass cabinet with meter 50-100 Yuan, General glass mirror each square 10 Yuan-20 Yuan, small tank 30-50 Yuan, Medium tank 50-200, big fish tank 100-500, small household appliance 10-20 Yuan per piece, (under 29 inch TV set, non-drum washing machines. 180 l refrigerator, computer ... testing ...). Medium sized appliances 20-30 (29-34-inch TV. washing. up to 240 litres fridge. copiers. the treadmill. fitness. Simmons), large appliances 30-100.

air, seven charges: once the vehicle, due to customer reasons for removing car.

eight, close distance fees: no charge for vehicles to the stairwells within the distance of 10 plus 1 Yuan to over one meter.

nine, long distance moving expenses: long-distance moving 10 yuan per kilometer, other charges are no longer calculated.
Note: illegal loading all customer's expense, special items or special topography, special consultations, negotiation