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Cleaning cleaning class

Cleaning cleaning class

undertake the renovation of apartments, retest buildings, office buildings, luxury homes, villas, commercial premises public scope of daily cleaning and cleaning services. Factory, and hotel, and Mall, and indoor outside cleaning, and fume machine cleaning, and and units Mall long-term cleaning, indoor floor cleaning, and waxing and conservation, indoor carpet, and marble, and wood floor, and PVC, various to ping cleaning cleaning; marble polishing, and anti-sliding anti-mill processing; household, and commercial size model air conditioning and central air conditioning cleaning, and disassembly, and maintenance; cleaning, outside wall cleaning, units long-term cleaning, and skin sofa of cleaning glazing and maintenance;

boiler, central air conditioning, heat exchanger in circulating water furring, rust, chemical and physical cleaning maintenance; dredging the sewers, cleaning of septic tanks and so on ... ...    

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