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Standard 6 points before and after the move to be done

1 prepare a full, decided to move to Jinan after moving company, formalities pertaining to the move takes about a week, so be sure to do some sort of thing, something without beginning from usual packing, so that when the time comes too late.

2, two weeks before the scheduled moving, guarantees have been signed with the moving company and set the day. Moving expenses are cheaper than holidays on weekdays.

3, against the new room layout to envisage the future of furniture, moving in the most clear way to tell of the day moving company personnel, so that he could move within a short time.

4, before moving day, check each carton for what was written inside. In order to to a new home, where to find what at a glance.

5, moving day, all in the old house after the evacuation, to clean the room and greeted old neighbors.

6, moved into a new home, to greet new neighbours, Jinan moving company to good neighbourhood relations in the future.