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Selected ACE furniture Tip 5 reference

Tip 1  check that the fitting is reasonable

for example to check the door lock switch work spirit; Jinan moving company should be installed three concealed hinge, only two of the work; the three screws, cut corners, only one screw, by fall.

tips to check back 2  mirror furniture

Choose furniture with mirror class, such as a dresser, dressing mirror, mirror, should pay attention to take a photo, look at the deformation of the mirror lose colour, check whether the mercury at the back of the mirror with inner liner and back without back plate is not qualified, not out of paper, otherwise it will wear off mercury.

Tip 3  sofa, a soft bed to try

Pick when sofa, upholstery, should pay attention to surface to smooth, not rough; even hard and soft, but not this hard, soft soft hardness to moderate, neither too hard nor too soft. Selection methods are sitting down, press a press with his hands, rough, spring ring sound if Springs way unreasonable, resulting in spring spring bite, it will beep. Secondly, it also should pay attention to quilting disconnected, jumper, corner of Crown density is reasonable.

Tip 4  lax check seam veneer furniture

both wooden veneer, PVC is affixed pre painted on paper, put the leather note was flat, with or without swelling, blistering, seam is not strict.   Checks to see, not to see it. Qu wood veneer furniture, water damage, usually only two years. Veneer, edge planing veneer peeling well. Method of identifying them is to look at the pattern of wood, sliced veneer wood texture is straight and tight, rotary cut veneer pattern songs and sparse. Veneer Particleboard furniture, parts must be edge, not edging boards will absorb moisture, swollen and damaged. Veneer furniture corner where up when selected, you can use your hands to pull the corners, if a pick up using glue has a problem.

tricks 5  various materials of furniture has its advantages

textures and texture of materials determines the appearance of the product. Jinan moving company belongs to the natural materials of wood, natural, beautiful, vivid, feel good, and easy processing, coloring, is the production of furniture of the finest materials. Plastics and composite materials can simulate all kinds of natural characteristics of the material, and has good coloring, but its easy to aging, heat deformation, with the production of furniture, its service life and range of use is restricted.