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Reveal signs of inauspicious Feng Shui kitchen

ancient << yangzhai three >> in the clouds moving company in Jinan: "door see cooking and consumption of wealth." Mean stove burner line on door that has afflicted, there is such a case, the primary family fortunes were picked, bankruptcy, and also caused the health problems. Main attention to gastrointestinal problems. Take a step back, even the kitchen door is rushing with a stove in a straight line is also ominous.

kitchen hanging one of the taboos of the mirror, mirror is not able to fire. If the mirror hanging on the wall behind the stove, and according to the food and it hurts even more. This means that "Heaven fire", the residential fire or unfortunate.

mentioned above, the burners of the stove is to the Kyrgyz side, simply refers to the gas stove natural gas is absorbed and Kat, if absorption is not clean something, needless to say, we all understand that there will be consequences, one would lose, pain will be the second increase.

kitchen floor can not be higher than other rooms, so will make the family's poor health. To such a design, or to add a threshold on the kitchen door.

stoves backed by direction, stove burner to Jinan to move in the direction of the company, of the eight House Feng Shui, there are eight directions, half fierce, half-JI. Four stars: angry, longevity, medicine, v. Four malefic: five ghosts, six generals, the harms and evil spirit. So the stove sits to sit according to the residence and own life is to decide, take fierce to JI, otherwise you will lose and damage.

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