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Moving company choosing regularization of the mode rule

due to the confusion of the moving company, Jinan moving company moving friends who led to the unnecessary loss, here talk skills to prevent grass team moving company:

skill one, don't believe ads appear as the coupon. Regular company has strict rules in handling prices, clearly, not free to bargain, but would not accept tips, chaos increase.

skills II, vehicle appearance and employees dress. City car has already been used in the Transportation Department's new trading symbol, placed on both sides of the body features of the Magnolia, oval, white and blue circles, green, smart and chic (fake trackbacks no trackbacks working qualifications, cannot find this sign). Handling workers and captains also wear a uniform color uniform.

skills, moving companies phone number to a directory assistance query. Moving company in Jinan, in General, a fake telephone directory assistance moving companies unable to query, and corresponds to the telephone has normal moving companies moving companies in the name of.