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Migrants moving to the considerations of the issues


  selected port Select shipment moving company Pack-> Jinan->-> booking-> delivery (or arrange for home delivery)-> customs-> paying-> take-> Bill of lading port of delivery    

Note:  1, items must have a package:  A, electrical appliances, pianos, furniture, ceramics, arts and crafts, such as bias or precious, fragile class items packed in    

b, daily necessities, books and other items available carton of lightweight  C, package do the following after:  a, making marks: "full name, telephone number, and the destination port" printed on a piece of white paper as shipping marks and numbers number and put in prison in the packaging surface. &Nbsp;b, sequentially number the box containing all of the items set out in the detailed list. &Nbsp;c, record the length, width and height of each box to facilitate calculation of volume, as a basis for pay, and end with warehouse    

feet proved to be accurate. &Nbsp;2, booking and customs declaration please bring the following documents:  A, if you emigrate: Please bring passport, immigration papers and articles listing list of weight, volume and estimated    

b, if you are Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau residents: Please bring MTP (or residence), proof of study or work, a new purchase invoice, list item inventories, estimation of volume and weight    

c, if you are a foreigner: Please bring your passport or a copy of, a new purchase invoice, proof of departure level (original) list, and a list of estimated weight volume    

d, please fill in set class Attorney (★ must provides destination accurate of contact way, will all freight wrote in Attorney Shang, for future confirmed)  3,  pay, and take bills of lading   sailing day turned day pay, Jinan moved company take bills of lading, will customs Hou of passport or documents take go  4,  purpose Hong Kong delivery   Dang ship to purpose Hong Kong Hou, local agent company will notification you, you also can according to bills of lading Shang displayed of agent information On Board will be here to day of the Division to the Hong Kong information

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