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Adjust furniture sets the transformation of Feng Shui principles

Feng Shui is not in full compliance with the requirements of the Jinan moving company. Some places have a long, protective sand, but no water; some places Dragon, there is water, but no protective sand. Feng Shui thought to be geographically the lack, some improvement through artificial, artificial remedies are as follows:

water points in order to remedy this method; back to Dragon the main vein, about a nurse-sand, before Ming Tang. Dragons get good luck, wind protective sand reservoirs, Ming pond water, which became Gil, a village near rivers or canal was taken to alter the method of diversion and use. As stream before the point after, irritable Kan completing the dam, should be built to water, such as water, "reverse-hit city", rivers, looping protection. But rivers, this method will not work. And therefore should be according to "understand nature, nature, nature, nature" four principles to make any adjustments.

If the original residential doors, change the size of window size, changing the layout of the House to meet the eight houses, five houses for "fengshui" requirements for being on the road or street House, built screen wall facing the approach can be applied to block screen wall built at the door or inside the door. The intention to wind, and to avoid evil.

many people know to use cacti and cactus stops moving company in Jinan, such as residential objects around a sharp corner red, external window or door with a sharp angle, placed cacti and cactus block and it works well. It is well known that plants can absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, which can be placed in the room for oxygen or its branches to keep off the evil spirits, if there is a rush for the door, you should just walk in the door placed at the head of the corresponding plant, not only will this avoid retaining envelope can also play a role in a thriving business.